School Leaders Visit Retirees and Employees in Difficulty on the Eve of Spring Festival

Release Time:2022-01-20 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Xu Zhiyuan

On the eve of the Spring Festival, school leaders Li DeLong, Yin Huachuan, Shi Jinliang, Liu Deshao and He Jisheng, accompanied by the heads of relevant functional departments such as the CPC and Adiministrative office, the Publicity Department, the HR Department, the Assets and Logistics Department, the school trade union, the Retirement Affairs Department and so on, visited to some retired retirees and representatives of teachers and staff in difficulty, sending them the warmth of the university and offering them good wishes for the Spring Festival.

After the visit, forums for retiree representatives were held in the retiree functional rooms of Yangjiaping staff residence area and Daping staff residence area respectively. Li Delong, Secretary of the Party committee of the University, and Yin Huachuan, President of the University, introduced the development of the University in 2021 to the retired representatives from the aspects of Party construction, ideological and political work, education and teaching, discipline and specialty development, scientific research achievements and talent team. They also listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions of the old employees on the reform and development of the University.

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