The University Organized a Series of Activities for the Chongyang Festival

Release Time:2021-10-15 Author:Li Qing Editor:Xu Zhiyuan

Double Ninth Festival (Chongyang Festival), also known as the legal “Senior’s Day” here in China, falls on October 14ththis year. To promote the virtue of respect for the elderly, create a harmonious atmosphere, and build a communication platform for the elders, CQUST has organized a series of activities as celebration for this traditional festival.

It is reported that this year’s celebration activities for the festival included three major events. The first was pleasance activities, a total of three games, respectively “quoits”, “throwing ping pong”, and “see treasure hunt”; the second is to provide service and care. The Office of Retirement Affairs, together with Office of Campus Security, has carried out the anti-telecommunication fraud promoting activities, smart-phone knowhow training initiated by student volunteers from Youth League Committee, as well as voluntary quick haircut service given by the Office of Asset and Logistics Management; the third event is friendship building and exchange where singing, painting & calligraphy display, and discussion for communication and exchange were conducted in accordance with the actual conditions of each branch campus.

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