Academician Zhou Shouwei Presided Over a Meeting on Promoting GAGD Technology for Offshore Heavy Oil Thermal Recovery and Risk Assessment Platform for Hydrate Extraction Formation

Release Time:2021-10-26 Author:Li Qing Editor:Xu Zhiyuan

In the afternoon of October 20, a meeting on “Promoting GAGD Technology for Offshore Thick Oil Thermal Recovery and Risk Assessment Platform for Hydrate Extraction Formation” was held at CQUST. Mr. Zhou Shouwei, former vice chairman of China Association of Science and Technology, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, distinguished professor of our university, and director of State Key Laboratory of Unconventional Oil and Gas Exploitation (in preparation), attended and chaired the meeting. Those who were present at the meeting include Vice president Xiao Dazhi, the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, chief of Chongqing Institute of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development, and teacher representatives.

Academician Zhou Shouwei acknowledged the advancement of offshore heavy oil thermal recovery and the construction of GAGD laboratory. He then made arrangements for the next primary work such as major scientific research projects undertaken by the laboratory, and deployed the tasks related to the development of GAGD equipment and joint fund projects of key R&D programs.

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