The University Holds the Induction Ceremony for New Counselors in 2022

Release Time:2022-02-28 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Xu Zhiyuan

On the afternoon of February 24, the induction ceremony of the university's 2022 new counselors was held in conference room 906 of the library. All new counselors and all full-time counselors attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Shi Jinliang read out the relevant documents of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on the recruitment of counselors in Chongqing University of Science and Technology in 2022. The university leaders and heads of relevant functional departments awarded the school badge and presented books to the new counselors. Wang Yan, Deputy Secretary of the general Party branch of the School of Intelligent Technology and Engineering, led the new counselors to read out the "oath of college counselors." Gao Shujuan, a full-time counselor of the School of Law, Politics and Economics, made a speech as the representative of the new counselors.

This induction ceremony is not only a welcome ceremony held by the university Party Committee for the 22 new recruits who have joined the student work team, but also a mobilization session to help the new counselors adapt to the job requirements as soon as possible for a comprehensive understanding of student work and their roles and responsibilities. It is known that the Student Service Department will also carry out a series of training for new counselors this semester to help them better understand and adapt to the working environment, enhance their sense of belonging, professional identity and responsibility for work, so that they can take on their new jobs quickly.

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