Hundreds of CQUST Students Participated in the Program of "Find Risks to Help Hometown Safety" in Serving Rural Revitalization Strategy.

Release Time:2022-02-22 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Xu Zhiyuan

In order to encourage students to actively contribute to rural revitalization strategy, in the winter vacation of 2022, the School of Safety engineering (Emergency Management School) of our University set up a service team composed of more than 260 student Party members , members of the student Branch of the League General Branch and teachers to carry out the research activities of "Find Risks to Help Hometown Safety" for students to practice their skills in helping with rural revitalization strategy. They went into the communities in Chongqing, Sichuan, Henan, Shandong and Xinjiang to carry out investigation and provide service.

On the premise of ensuring their own safety, the students used their professional knowledge in visits, conducting photographic records and surveys to investigate the hazards with respect to fire, road traffic, self-built houses and other potential safety hazards in their hometowns, and found a total of 284 potential safety hazards in rural areas. Among them, rural fire hazards are the most prominent, accounting for 61% (174 places) of the total, including unplanned electrical circuit setting, unauthorized connection of lines, setting off fireworks and firecrackers close to combustible materials, burning wastes or incense burning on Tomb Sweeping Day, blockage of fire truck lane, expired fire extinguishers and other fire fighting devices. Secondly, rural roads are narrow and traffic accidents occur frequently in sections with potential landslide, steep slopes, sharp bends and continuous downhill slopes, missing safety protection facilities such as protective barriers. All in all traffic-related dangers due to geographical factors and human factors account for 21% (60 places). In addition, 10% (28) of the hazards are related to self-built houses built by rural construction teams without operating qualifications, and 8% (22) have to do with inadequate protection, viruses, natural disasters and other reasons. Subsequently, the school will organize experts to formulate professional suggestions and solutions, and try its best to reduce or even eliminate the occurrence of similar incidents.

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